Compostela, September 2014

It is important to many pilgrims, finally reaching Santiago de Compostela, to receive their Compostela, the official certificate of completing their pilgrimage. Maria Neira has been greeting pilgrims in the Pilgrims’ Office for over a decade. She explains how the pilgrim passport system works, who qualifies for a Compostela and recalls some of the many, many moving and extraordinary stories from the path that she hears each day.

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 Buying your Boots, September 2014

The most critical purchase any pilgrim makes is their footwear. Boots or shoes? Which socks? How to prevent blisters. Almis Simons knows more than most about how to make these decisions. Not only is he a veteran of the Santiago pilgrimage and a long-time walker, but he has fitted countless walkers with their footwear at Sydney’s Trek and Travel. He shares his experience and invaluable advice.

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